Our Mission


The mission of Hope Springs is to provide an accepting, loving, home environment in the Spirit of Jesus where residents can recover from the effects of domestic violence. 


Hope Springs seeks to empower people to overcome the effects of domestic violence.




Our 12 bed shelter facility provides safe emergency housing and additional services for adults and children suffering from any form of domestic abuse. Even though Hope Springs is a Christ centered ministry, all people are welcome regardless of their faith.


Company Overview


We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with a Christ-centered philosophy that focuses on building stable, independent lives.


About Hope Springs

Core Values

  1. Safety: Residents seeking shelter at Hope Springs will be provided the services and support needed to feel safe and free from abuse.

  2. Empowerment: The staff and volunteers of Hope Springs will always work to ensure residents understand their options and are supported in the decisions they make along the journey to improve their lives and the lives of their children.

  3. Knowledge: Knowledge = power, and by understanding the abuse cycle and their own needs, residents will be connected with community resources to help guide them as they move towards achieving their personal goals.

  4. Respect: Hope Springs will maintain a culture where all who walk through our doors are given the utmost respect, and we will uphold the notion for mutual respect amongst us; within our home, neighborhood and community.

  5. Christ-Centered: Christ is at the center of all we do and who we are.  We know the Spirit of Jesus works through us and for us. Our hope is that clients, staff, board and volunteers will be spiritually enriched and personally changed. 

  6. Compassion: Hope Springs will always hold our residents in love and acceptance, knowing that change only happens when we are supported with the expectation of hope, and with the understanding we are each valued as unique and individual children of God.

  7. Transition to self-reliance: The ultimate goal will be for our residents to feel strong enough to be able to financially stand on their own, and will emotionally and deeply understand what healthy relationships feel and look like.

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